FCP‑320/FCH‑320 Conventional Automatic Fire Detectors

FCP‑320/FCH‑320 Conventional Automatic Fire Detectors

FCP‑320/FCH‑320 Conventional Automatic Fire Detectors

The FCP‑320/FCH‑320 Series Conventional Automatic Fire Detectors set new standards in fire detection technology through a combination of optical, thermal and chemical (gas) sensors and intelligent evaluation electronics. Their most impressive feature is their ability to prevent false alarms, as well as speed and accuracy of detection.

The enhanced operating voltage range of 8,5 V DC up to 30 V DC and the two variants with 820 Ω alarm resistor or 470 Ω alarm resistor enables the detector application with nearly all conventional fire panels.

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FCP‑320/FCH‑320 Conventional Automatic Fire Detectors

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