FMC‑210‑DM Double Action Call Points

FMC‑210‑DM Double Action Call Points

FMC‑210‑DM Double Action Call Points

The FMC‑210‑DM Manual Call Points are used for manual triggering, and are deployed in the Local SecurityNetwork LSN and LSN improved. Form H Manual Call Points are designed for outdoor deployment, form G Manual Call
Points are designed for indoor deployment.


In the event of an alarm, the glass pane (2) is broken first, then the manual call point (3) is pressed hard. This activates the microswitch for alarm triggering and the indicator LED (4) blinks. A mechanism holds the pressed call point down.
The manual call point can be reset with the reset lever (5) or by closing the door of the manual call point (1). The
indicator LED (4) goes out. This does not reset the alarm on the fire panel. Individual call point identification with display of the call
point address on the fire panel ensures the quick location of the triggered call point. Variants The designs of the manual call points for outdoor and indoor use are identical. The manual call points for indoor use (form G) are available in red, blue, and yellow; the manual call points for outdoor use (form H) are available in red and blue. Form H manual call points are equipped with an especially resistant PC board layered with parylene. Improved LSN features The manual call points offer all the features of the improved LSN technology:
• Flexible network structures, including “T-tapping” without additional elements
• Up to 254 LSN improved elements per loop or stub line
• Automatic or manual detector addressing selectable via rotary switch, in each case with or without autodetection
• Power supply for connected elements via LSN bus up to 300 mA
• Shielded and unshielded cables can be used
• Cable length up to 1000 m
• Downwards compatibility to existing LSN systems and control panels.

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